'Mantiquing' 101: Turn Trash to Treasure for Father's Day Gift

VIDEO: Lara Spencer reveals ways to score inexpensive tag sale buys to transform into Fathers Day gifts.

" Good Morning America's" Lara Spencer loves flea markets, antiquing and "D-I-Y" projects. For Father's Day, "GMA" sent Spencer to the Brimfield Antique show with a mission: to find great pieces to refurbish with men in mind. Call it " mantiquing," Spencer commissioned the help of expert David Dall of Creativedesignforums.com, to go treasure hunting and help transform her flea market finds into great gifts for your guy, just in time for Father's Days.

Check out Dall's step-by-step tips below to do these restoration projects on your own.

David Dall's How-To Tips

Anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills can easily tackle these types of projects. You can do it, you just need to get started!

Chandelier Project

For the chandelier project, find something that catches your eye like the industrial wheel Lara and I found. This project took approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Click here to watch.

Tools and accessories needed:

  • Drill
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive
  • Light sockets, wire, mounting kit and your choice of hanging chain.
  • Drill holes, install light sockets, connect wires and run up the chandelier chain.

All lighting parts are available at your local hardware or lighting store. The only technical part of this project is the wiring. High voltage is nothing to experiment with & professional help is recommended if you are not experienced. Any local lighting repair store can easily wire any project for you!

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Tennis Racket Mirrors

This is about the simplest project one could take on!

Items needed:

  • Vintage tennis rackets
  • A local glass/mirror store
  • Construction adhesive or "mirror mastic" found at your local hardware store

Cutting glass is very simple, but for circular glass and mirrors, you will have to go to a glass store. Once you have the glass fit for the rackets, a simple bead of adhesive on the back of the mirror is all you need. Set the mirror in place right onto the strings and give the adhesive time to cure. The rest is as simple as hanging a picture. Beware: never use hot glue on glass or mirrors. The heat will likely crack the glass!

Man Cave Chair

Refinishing a chair in this manner is another very easy job that anyone can do. It's just a matter of getting your material of choice and wrapping it around the frame. Affix the material on one side using 4-5 furniture tacks, available at a local hardware store.

Next, pull the material tight around the other side and tack that end in place. Continue the process with each strip of material right next to the other running in the same direction. Next up, affix the intersecting rows and weave the strips under and over the first rows. Pull the loose end tight and tack in place.

If you end up with a space on the edges or would like accents or boarders, use something like the rope (or any material) that I used to hide the tacks. Use a hot glue gun to affix in place.

For more tips, ideas and help with step-by-step instructions, visit David Dall's interactive website/forums www.creativedesignforums.com. Show off your flea market/estate sale finds, your projects, ask questions, buy & sell, and have fun with others who love finding and transforming wonderful pieces!

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