Bride Tosses Bouquet From Giant Human Slingshot

Couple Has Awesome Human Slingshot at Wedding

When Natasha and Jake Johnson, newlyweds from Eagle Mountain, Utah, originally picked their wedding venue, they had no idea what hidden treasure was on the premises that would take their nuptials to new heights.

"We rented the house and had no idea that it had a human slingshot on the property. We had absolutely no idea," Natasha, 30, told "It was such a beautiful setting in the mountains. It has its own private pond and a stream running through it. It's gorgeous."

When the property manager first showed the couple the human slingshot, Natasha was admittedly a bit skeptical about whether she should try to incorporate it into their ceremony.

"We tossed it back and forth, didn't know if we'd want to do it," she said. "We wanted to rent a mechanical bull because that's how we met, on the back of a mechanical bull at Western bar. We thought it would be funny to have that at the wedding. But we did the human slingshot instead."

They decided the human slingshot would be an awesome way to spice up the traditional bouquet and garter tosses, so Natasha strapped into a harness and gave it a test run at her rehearsal dinner the night prior to the wedding.

"The night before I was terrified, super panicked, screaming my head off the whole time," she said. "But we're here, and we have a chance to do something, so why not?"

Natasha sneaked inside to change into shorts and her harness before surprising all her guests with the creative way she'd be tossing her bouquet.

"They thought we were crazy for doing it," she said. "Everybody said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to."

One of the wedding guests caught the hilarious moment on camera, which has more than 44,000 views on YouTube.

"It was the most awesome high in the world," Natasha said. "And to quote my husband, his saying about it is, 'It was cooler than a fan on high.'"

And just for the record, Natasha said, "It didn't even ruin my dress at all."

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