Extreme Closet Makeover: DIY Fixes for Your Closet

When you go into your closet every day, is it hard to find just what you need?

You could have a serious case of closet clutter.

Luckily, closet guru Andrea Gary has tips to help you redo your cluttered closets. You can do it easily enough using items that you can get from your local home improvement store.

Helpful Hints for DIY Closet Organizers

1. Organize hanging, folded clothes, and shoes in categories (for example, dress pants, long-sleeved shirts, dresses, etc.) and by color. It makes life easier when you're trying to put together an outfit.

2. Switch to velvet flocked hangers. They take up less space, don't get tangled, move nicely on the closet rods, and they look great!

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3. Store off-season clothing and shoes up high or in another closet. This creates more space for the things you are using on a daily basis.

4. Get the miscellaneous junk out of the closet. There's no need for scrapbooks and camera instruction booklets to be mixed in with your clothes. Store these miscellaneous items in clear containers in the attic or basement, or up high with labels so you can find these items quickly when needed.

5. Create space by double hanging clothes. If you can't have your closet rebuilt, add an extra rod (some can even be attached to the top one without any tools) and double your storage.

Learn more about Andrea Gary at www.andreagary.com

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