Honorary CoverGirl Talia Castellano's Supporters Fulfill Her Bucket List

VIDEO: Devoted Facebook followers help teenage make-up artist who died of cancer complete her wish.

When the inspirational teenage cancer patient who became an honorary CoverGirl with help from Ellen DeGeneres died earlier this week, supporters flooded the Internet with well-wishes. Now, those fans are honoring Talia Castellano by fulfilling the items on her bucket list.

(Credit: Facebook)

Five days before Talia's death, her family posted photos of the 13-year-old's bucket list on her official Facebook fan page. The 74-item list included "go to NYC and do whatever I want," "help a 'new-be' with cancer," "sing around a campfire," "jump in a pool of jello" and "have a huge water balloon fight."

Soon, photos began pouring in from supporters with the hashtag #taliasbucketlist and her family began posting them on the Facebook page.

The images above show "get a tattoo," "send a message in a bottle," "give flowers to a stranger" and "JB [Justin Bieber] concert." And there are hundreds of others on the Facebook page.

"Talia is everywhere you look and we couldn't be more pleased," her family posted on Facebook the day after she died. "And we especially know she is loving all the attention! We have received an overwhelming amount of messages sending love, kindness and support from millions. As we read message after message, we smile and cry with tears of joy and sadness."

The Florida teen, who lost her hair to cancer treatments, got DeGeneres' attention after posting a series of videos on YouTube that offered practical and uplifting makeup advice.

"We can literally feel how much all of you loved Talia," the Facebook post said. "We can't thank all of you enough for this. Thank you everyone for understanding how special this little girl was to us and to this world. Thank you for keeping her spirit alive and showing her family that her message and voice will continue to make an impact across the globe."

(Credit: YouTube)

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