'Lulu' App Allows Women to Dish Dirt on Exes

VIDEO: Lulu App Allows Women to Dish Dirt on Exes

ABC News' Aditi Roy reports:

Before you walk into a restaurant, watch a movie or read a book, you might go online to find reviews.

Now, two women have launched an app that applies that principle to dating. It's called Lulu, and it lets women, and only women, rate men, and lets other ladies see those reviews.

Kimberly Lu, 18, and Kasia Jania, 19, are college sophomores who use the app, which allows users to rate guys on things like character, commitment, first kiss and sexual performance.

"It's great, but it's unfortunate for the guy who's subjected to this," Jania, a summer intern in New York City, told ABC News.

The site has one million members and growing.

Alexandra Chong and Allison Swartz, who created Lulu, call it "dating intelligence research."

"This is just a place for women around the world to pool their knowledge about people they know," Chong explained.

Others, like professional matchmaker Paul Brunson, call it "shallow."

"The theory of the application is really, really good. It's just the execution of the application is not so great," said Brunson.

Here's how it works. Once you sign up, the app uploads all of your male Facebook friends, the ex-boyfriends, the male friends, the crushes, even the hookups. You can check out their ratings, and rate them yourself, answering questions and using playful hashtags.

Lu showed her friend Jared Greene, 19, his rating. The college sophomore found out he has an epic smile, can't take a hint and is a man-child.

"It's weird not as much that my peers will see it, but it's more about this exists forever," Greene said.

Lu and Jania agreed that Lulu is entertaining, but they'd rather rely on their intuition to draw their own conclusions.

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