Tips to Look 10 Pounds Skinnier in Swimsuits This Summer

It's summertime, and people are hitting beaches, pools and parks. For some of us, it's also time to hit the mall for a swimsuit that will cover up body parts we're not too secure about.

As we shop, we may wonder: which swimsuit will give the perfect fit?

Lori Bergamotto, style editor for Lucky magazine, helped "Good Morning America"'s Tai Hernandez shop for swimsuits at Bloomingdale's in New York City.

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Bergamotto shared four style tips and tricks that every swimsuit shopper should know.

"There are… tricks of fabric and of design that will instantly make you look about five to 10 pounds thinner," she said.

Tips 1: Color Blocking

Color blocking is a way to create an optical illusion - of curves or slenderness - on your body through the use of strategically placed blocks of color. If you want to create an hourglass figure, pick a suit that has black down the middle and another color on the side panels. Adding a belt can also shave pounds off instantly.

Tip 2: Ruching

Ruching - or gathered fabric - on a suit can give the appearance of fullness where you want it. So if you want to have a bigger bustline, pick a suit with a ruched bustline. Another way to modify the bustline is to wear a lighter color on top and fade down to something that's darker on the bottom. If you want to minimize your bustline, wear the colors in reverse.

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Tip 3: Halters Work

Think Marilyn Monroe in her iconic white halter dress. Bergamotto says halters are great for the woman who is a little bustier. A halter suit with a deep "V" plunging bustline can be very flattering because it gives adequate coverage and support, but flatters the cleavage as well, Bergamotto said.

Tip 4: Try a Two-Piece

Believe it or not, a two-piece can actually be slimming. For those who are trying to create the illusion of longer legs, the best way to do that is to try a suit bottom with a higher cut so you're showing more of your thighs.

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