Artist Makes 'GMA' Anchors' Portraits Pop Off the Canvas

VIDEO: Artist and GMA fan, Tripp Derrick, created special portraits for Lara, Josh and Sam.

Tripp Derrick Barnes, an artist from New York City, made "Good Morning America" anchors Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott and Sam Champion's faces truly pop off the screen, or rather canvas, this morning on "GMA LIVE!"

Barnes, 25, uses a blend of acrylic paint and stencil to create what he calls pop-neoism, by using bright colors and a stark contrasting stencil.

"Pop-neoism captures the vibrant beat that pop art allows," Barnes told

In collaborative efforts with his good friend and artist Steven Swancoat, the pair creates art that covers a variety of topics from film, fashion, and music icons, such as portraits of Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and Whitney Houston. They will also commission artwork or portraits upon request.

"I start out with the backgrounds first," Barnes explained. "I'll lay out maybe 12 canvases and I'll start throwing paint, literally. And then I'll take a picture and design the faces using photoshop and hand-cutting of the stencil, and then I'll apply it on the canvas when I think the background is done."

"Wow, you're really talented. It's a little Andy Warhol-esque," Spencer said when presented with her portrait.

Barnes, who has been painting for six years, says the portraits take about one week to complete.

"I enjoy the workflow and the freedom I have expressing myself onto canvas," he said.

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