Kids Find Lost Phone, Use Instagram to Alert Owner

VIDEO: Some smart kids posted a video to the phone owners Instagram to let him know they had found it.

We all know that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize you've lost your phone. But on the other hand, that elated feeling you get if you're lucky enough to find it, is indescribable.

Brooks Way, of Waterloo, Ontario, is one of the lucky few, not just because he found his phone, but because of the creative and intelligent way he found it.

"We were going out for a bike ride and I put all my stuff inside a friend's pouch on the back of her bike," Way, 25, told "We must've gone over a bump and it fell out."

But before Way even realized the phone was missing, three kids playing in the area, Sebastian, Ryan and Jacob, had already found it and come up with the most brilliant way to attempt to return it.

The social-media savvy boys used the phone to record an Instagram video of them playing in a skate park, showing Way where they were located for him to come retrieve it. The boys then posted it to Way's own account for all his followers to see, in hopes someone would contact him alerting him of the missing device.

"After the bike ride we got back to my friend Kim's house, and her sister comes running outside the house and was like, 'Did you post this video?' I was like, 'No, I didn't post a video because my phone was in Kim's car. I didn't even know my phone was lost."

Way immediately watched the video, called his phone, and raced to the park to meet one of the boys who had held onto it.

"One of the kids was still waiting there at the skate park on the bench, like two hours later, just by himself," said Way. "They found the phone by some railroad tracks."

Apparently the boys had even tried calling Way's mom, who was listed under his "favorites" in his contacts list, but when they couldn't reach anybody, they decided to make the video.

"It just shows their parents are teaching these kids the right values," Way said. "They totally could have just kept the phone and done anything with it. But for them to return it, that was just great."

Way said he plans on taking the boys out to dinner to thank them for being so honest and doing the right thing to get the phone returned to him.

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