Maggots in Airport Sandwich: 'Parmesan Began to Move'

VIDEO: Passenger recorded video of the bugs he found on food purchased from an airport vendor.

A man who purchased a sandwich at Atlanta's airport found out that his plane wasn't the only thing in motion on his flight to Miami.

"The parmesan began to move," Joel Woloshuk told ABC's Atlanta affiliate WSBTV.

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Turns out his focaccia sandwich had maggots crawling all over it. Woloshuk took a cell phone video of the crawling critters. He showed the video, and the sandwich he had saved, to the news station when he returned to Atlanta. Woloshuk said he called the restaurant where he purchased the sandwich and asked to meet with a manager when he returned to Atlanta, but no one was available that night.

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The sandwich was purchased at the Café Intermezzo franchise location inside Terminal B at Hartsfield-Jackson.

"This is not wilted tomato; this isn't a moldy piece of bread. These are maggots," he said.

"Immediately following notification of the incident, all products from the bakery vendor were removed," Café Intermezzo told ABC News in a statement. "On-site inspections were immediately conducted by all applicable regulatory jurisdictions including the Clayton County Health Department and the Department of Aviation Concession Compliance team. No contaminated product was found. We received a clean bill of health and it has been determined the problem was not generated on our premises.

"We truly regret the isolated incident occurred and as a quality control measure, the contaminated product sample is currently being analyzed by an independent laboratory.

Not a single crumb or slice of bread from the vendor remains or will be served in our facility moving forward."

However, that bakery still services other restaurants in the airport.

The airport told the station it was "awaiting results of the investigation to determine further action."

As for Woloshuk, he said he was offered a refund for the sandwich, but he declined.

"My intent is my fellow traveler. I'm in this airport weekly and it makes me pretty angry," Woloshuk said.

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