Meet the Other Barak and Michelle

VIDEO: Newly engaged couple Barak Malkin and Michelle Westmiller share first names with first family.

When Barack Obama took office, New Jersey native Barak Malkin thought he would never hear the end of it.

"I got a new joke every day. Or what people thought was a joke every day," Malkin, 27, said during a Skype interview on "GMA LIVE!"

But the problem only worsened when he met and fell in love with none other than Michelle Westmiller, 26, becoming, yes, Barak and Michelle.

The young couple met at a seminar and dated long distance because Malkin was in New Jersey and Westmiller, in California, until Malkin proposed. They are now on a cross-country road trip together and plan to eventually make their home in Hollywood, Calif.

"Our friends put her name in their phones as Mrs. Obama," Malkin said.

The bride- and groom-to-be are gearing up for their wedding next August, and say they're hoping to incorporate some presidential-themed plans into the celebration.

"Maybe we'll have the groomsmen dress as Secret Service agents," Malkin joked.

This Barak and Michelle have never formally met first spouses Barack and Michelle, but the invitation is on the table for the president and first lady to attend their upcoming nuptials.

"We're going to send them an invite and hope they come," they said.

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