Paris Hilton Takes Overpacking to Extreme

Stars - they're just like us! Not really of course. They don't worry about the unpleasantness of travel such as airline baggage fees.

Take Paris Hilton. She flew out of Los Angeles International earlier this week and tweeted a few photos of her luggage. Let's just say she gave new meaning to the term "excess baggage."

@ParisHilton: "Finally finished packing for Ibiza. ? Do you think I packed enough luggage?"
There appears to be 14 bags in the photo above. Let's pretend, for a minute, that Hilton was charged for those bags as any other traveler would. That would mean that if she was flying on say, American, she would be able to check her first bag for free. The second bag would be $100. Every other bag would be $200, assuming none was over the weight limit.
That comes to $2,500.
The good news is it appears as if all her bags made it to Ibiza. The bad news it it seems it took a lot of effort to unpack them all.
@ParisHilton : "Unpacking all my luggage. This is brutal. I'm never packing this much again."
And even if you do pack this many bags, there's at least one way celebs don't travel like the rest of us: Their attire:
@ParisHilton: Ready to rock Ibiza! Going to have such a #GoodTime!? @ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


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