Pillow Shaped Like a Lady's Lap

Lap Pillows: Hot Sellers in Japanese Airport

Makoto Igarashi, managing director of Tokyo-based toy model maker Trane Co., Ltd., rests his head on his company's novelty "lap pillow" in Tokyo. (Itsuo Inouye/AP Photo)

Ever had a flight delay and hoped to get in a few winks? Those airport chairs are so uncomfortable. If only you had a nice, comfy lap you could lay your head in and catch a few winks.

Oh wait! You can. If you're flying out of Japan's Narita International Airport where the duty free shop reportedly sells pillows in the shape of a woman's lap.

As you'll see in the video below, you can actually see the pillow-woman's underwear.

The lap pillow isn't a new product. It was introduced several years ago, but seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

You can choose a lady lap pillow in a black skirt or a red skirt.

The description on the web site JapaneseTrendShop.com reads" "Missing that special someone? Longing for the feeling of comfort and warmth you only (sic) from a woman's lap? Maybe you just want to take a nap and need a pillow? Shaped just like a beautiful woman's lap, kneeling in Japanese-style, the Hizamakura 'Lap Pillow' gives the best re-creation available, complete with your choice of a red or black skirt to top it off. Hizamakura is soft and elastic to the touch, and perfectly suited to lying your head on. You'll be surprised at how comfortable and real it feels!"

The online store is sold out of the lap-pillow lady.

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