Wedding Day Emergency Brain Surgery Prompts Retake

Alicia Wilburn and Brett Guggenmos had to cancel their wedding after Wilburn had emergency surgery. (Courtesy of Alicia Wilburn)

A Kansas City couple is planning a "Take Two" version of their wedding, after their original ceremony was canceled when the bride had emergency brain surgery.

Alicia Wilburn and Brett Guggenmos were originally scheduled to get married last April. In the weeks leading up to the scheduled ceremony Wilburn, 32, started suffering from headaches. She went to various doctors who suggested the headaches were likely sinus-related and not serious.

On the day before the wedding Wilburn started to slur her speech as she was getting her nails done with her bridesmaids. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma or a potentially deadly brain clot.

"I felt so bad before [the diagnosis] it was almost a relief [to find out]," Wilburn told "I don't really remember much of that day."

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On what was supposed to be her wedding day, Wilburn instead underwent emergency surgery to remove the blood clot and her wedding plans were postponed indefinitely.

Wilburn luckily didn't suffer any permanent damage from the surgery. On Friday, a few hours before her rescheduled ceremony, Wilburn said she is "99 percent" back to being herself.

While both recuperating and planning the wedding again, Wilburn had help from many of her wedding vendors who cut prices for her second ceremony.

"All the vendors knew what had happened [and] they made plans to work with my mom to do it again," said Wilburn. In addition to a food vendor giving her half price, the hall that she and Guggenmos booked allowed them to change their date for no extra charge.

"I'm actually, I'm so happy we're getting to this point," said Wilburn on Friday. "We've planning the same wedding for 18 months. I'm ready for it to be done."

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