7-Year-Old Jets Fan Shows Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Who's Boss

Young Jets Fan Shows Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Whos Boss

He's a little guy who talks a big game, especially when it comes to his beloved New York Jets.

AJ Safa, 7, can be seen and definitely heard in this cellphone video screaming at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan during the Jets' season opener Sept. 8 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

The video has gotten more than 41,000 hits on YouTube since it was originally posted, and while some are amused, others have raised the red flag on his behavior with comments like, "Whomever this kids' parents are should be ashamed."

But Safa's father says he was by his son's side in the stands, and is still standing behind his behavior now.

"AJ's a good kid," dad Meemo Safa of Staten Island, N.Y., told ABC News. "He's very passionate about his sports. It was all in good fun. That's why nobody got involved. Everybody was laughing."

It's not uncommon to see grownups behaving badly in the stands and on the sidelines, but even if this little fan's heckling is all in good fun, his behavior begs the question, is it ending a bad message?

"People are upset that this is acceptable and even cute in a sporting frame of reference," Lauren Hartmann, an author for the parenting site Babble said. "In another reference, no one would think this is cute."

In the end, the Jets won by a single point, a small victory for the small fan who got his point across loud and clear.

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