Girlfriend's Surprise Reverse Proposal Veers Off Plan

VIDEO: Woman Attempts Surprise Proposal

At first, everything was going according to plan for Vicky Wang on the sunny day in May that she was planning to propose to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Law, whom she'd been dating for eight years.

It meant a lot to Wang to be the one to finally propose, since Law had attempted asking her twice already, with not-so-successful results.

"He proposed once when he was really inebriated, so I don't think he really meant that," Wang, 31, of New York City, told "But about a year ago when I finished law school, he actually set up this really sweet and creative proposal with a food truck. He hired the truck to trace the great food places we've liked to eat in our relationship."

But unfortunately for Law, Wang says she "just wasn't ready yet," adding "the timing just wasn't right at that point in my life."

So this time, Wang decided she'd take matters into her own hands by being the one to officially pop the question.

"I knew I put him through a lot," she explained. "So when the time was finally right, I just knew I had to be the one to propose."

So along with the help of Law's parents, whom Wang refers to as her "partners in crime" for the elaborate surprise, she arranged a sweet ceremony of sorts at the school he attended as a boy in his hometown of Vancouver, getting their closest friends and family to hold up signs retracing the most memorable landmarks of their relationship.

"He had no idea," said Wang. "We'd actually just attended a friend's wedding where he was a groomsman the night before. He had been busy and exhausted the whole weekend and was kind of in a daze. He didn't know any of this was coming."

When the time finally came for the proposal, Law's father told him they were all going out to a nice dinner to celebrate Mother's Day, insisting he be sure to change into a suit.

"It wasn't until we got to the school he realized what was going on," Wang said. "It's a really special place for him. Aside from his family, his school really shaped him into who he is today. So I thought that was a really appropriate place to do it."

One by one, Law, 34, was ushered down the aisle of what was once a small chapel on the school grounds. He was greeted by smiling faces holding signs with the exact date and memory he and Wang had shared together, from their first date at McDonald's, to the first time he met her parents, ultimately ending up at his own parents learning that on April 9, Wang had asked their permission to marry their son.

"I was so incredibly nervous in the moment," Wang said of the moment she was about to propose.

But suddenly, the tables were turned.

"No, I can't let you do this. Will you let me be the luckiest guy and marry you?," Law mustered out through tears of joy, as his dad stepped forward, handing him the ring he had bought for Wang two years earlier.

In that moment, the remainder of Wang's two months of planning flew out the door as Law dropped to his knee and asked for her hand in marriage one last time.

Fortunately for Law the third time is the charm, and she said yes.

The happy couple is planning to wed next spring in South Africa, where Wang grew up.

"We got engaged where he's from, so we thought it would make sense to get married where I grew up," she said.

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