Jennifer Aniston Reveals Shockingly Simple Beauty Secrets

VIDEO: The Hollywood superstar reveals all in the October issue of Redbook magazine.

Jennifer Aniston is a red carpet icon and America's favorite girl next door, and now she's spilling her beauty secrets including the tricks that make her hair the envy of so many women.

In a new interview for the October issue of Redbook magazine, the star tells all about her shockingly simple beauty routine.

"She has a youthful vibrancy about her," Redbook magazine beauty director, Victory Kirby, told ABC News. "She looks almost the same today as she did 10 years ago."

When it comes to those luscious locks, the 44-year-old actress steers clear of the blow dryer. Instead, she actually lets her hair air dry.

"It gives that nice, kind of plump, full, lush appearance," Kirby explained.

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And to help style it, her routine is quite effortless as well.

"To get an everyday 'manageable curl,' she will just put it in two braids and sleep on it that way," said Kirby. "You get that kind of beachy, sexy wave."

But believe it or not, the A-lister says she can't pull off red lipstick.

"Red is a great color, it's universal," said style and beauty expert Gretta Monahan. "But Jen is right. A heavy, rich, matte lip is really going to compete with her bronze skin. So if you want to be that tan, you can't also rock the heavy lip."

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Aniston also swears by petroleum jelly.

"This is one of the best protectants around," Monahan explained. "She actually puts it on her lashes. It will actually act as a lash conditioner."

"I think one of the reasons women love Jennifer Aniston's look is because it does look like something any of us can do," said Kirby.

An important thing to remember, however, is that some of Aniston's tips involve off-label uses of products and everyone should read the product labels before using them. Consult a doctor to make sure the treatments are right for you.

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