Man Makes Popping the Question While Wakesurfing Look Easy

VIDEO: Man Proposes While Tandem Wakesurfing with Girlfriend

One young man is making marriage proposal look way too easy.

Not only was Matthew Gencarella in a picturesque location to pop the question, but he successfully pulled it off while tandem wakesurfing with longtime girlfriend, Brynn Hathaway, 21, managing to get down on one knee, while on the water, while she's still balancing on the board with him. And to top it off, he even arranged to have the entire magical moment caught on camera.

"We both grew up in this area around Hayden Lake, and we both have a love for the water," Gencarella, 21, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, told "I wanted to do something meaningful and significant and different. I didn't want to do a candlelit dinner with the ring in a champagne glass. I wanted to do something unique."

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Gencarella had been planning the elaborate proposal since February, and when the engagement ring he personally designed for Hathaway was complete, he was finally able to turn his dream into a reality on Aug. 24.

"We've known each other for the last 10 years," he said. "We truly are high school sweethearts. It's a dream come true and a long time coming."

But don't be fooled. Although Gencarella makes his one-kneed water stunt look effortless, he admits practice makes perfect, having his buddy that owns the boat pretend to be Hathaway for a few run-throughs before the big day.

"About a month about before I did propose, we went out together and one of my friends played the role of Brynn," he explained. "We had to think, 'If she freaks out and let's go of the rope, what am I going to do? If I fall, what am I going to do?'

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The men concluded that turning around to face his fiancé-to-be was the most efficient and practical way to pull off the proposal, and as you can see in the viral video that now has more than 1.2 million views, Gencarella's hard work paid off.

"I bought a costume jewelry ring that looked pretty real," he said of his decision to not risk losing the real ring while on the water. "I put it on my pinky finger and turned the stone downwards and put it on the hand farthest away from her. When I turned around, I drop and hold my palm open and have the ring open showing towards her."

Hathaway said yes, and when the happy couple returned the boat, their closest friends and family were there to greet them.

"It was perfect. It really was," Gencarella said. "Everybody was there that we were really close to, so there was lots of horn honking and shouts and cheers, lots of celebrations in that moment."

The newly engaged couple plan to wed Aug. 31 of next year.

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