Man Buys 'Outstanding' Wife 55,000 Dresses in 56-Year Marriage

Courtesy Elodia Corona

Paul Brockmann calls himself an "old fashioned guy" and readily admits that he loves seeing ladies in dresses with wide skirts that "swish" on the dance floor.

"It just makes a woman look outstanding," Brockmann, 78, of Lomita, Calif., told "When I met my wife on the dance floor, that gave me the idea to just start buying the dresses."

Throughout the past 56 years that Brockmann has been married to Margot, 76, he says he has bought her more than 55,000 ballroom-style dresses.

"Every time I saw a nice dress I had to have it," he explained. "Whether it fit or not I always thought maybe someday she'll grow it in it, whether she loses or gains weight, no matter what size she was, I wanted her to have something nice to wear."

Brockmann never wanted Margot to have to wear the same dress twice, sometimes buying 25 to 30 dresses in one day.

"Some people collect automobiles, some people like stamps, I got into dresses because I just wanted my wife to look outstanding," said Brockmann.

The dresses mean so much to him, he says, because "You cannot find these types of dresses today."

"They're made better. The material is better. You cannot get them today in the store. And as far as good-looking dresses like these, I don't see many anymore."

But now that they've gotten older, the couple has decided it's time to start selling.

"We have a sale once a month," he said. "I would say we've already sold probably 5,000 to 6,000."

Ideally, Brockmann would like to find the right buyer to sell the dresses all at once.

"I feel maybe someday I'll come across somebody that's involved in museums or theatrical organizations that would be interested in all of them and had a use for it," he said.

However, until then, his warehouse doors are open monthly for the public to scour the abundant racks of colorful, full-skirted, swishing dresses.

"When I wear a suit and a tie I feel different," said Brockmann. "It's got to be the same thing for a woman. I'm trying to revolutionize the woman's world one dress at a time."

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