Watch: Adorable Boy Insists Jalapenos Are 'Not Hot at All'

VIDEO: One mother posted video of her son after he begged for a jalapeno pepper.

Meet 6-year-old Tateum of Rockaway Beach, Ore., who really wanted to try a jalapeno and didn't believe his mom that the peppers packed a serious kick.

"No, it's not hot at all," the little boy says while visibly grimacing and wiping his tongue in a video posted online.

"Did you eat it?" his mom asks as the camera pans to a jalapeno on the kitchen floor. "What's that on the floor?"

Tateum's mom, Jessie Carter, who posted the video of her son's eating adventure on YouTube, said it all started after a conversation with the then-4-year-old on her pregnancy cravings for spicy food.

"I had said when I was pregnant with him that's all I wanted. I wanted spice. Somehow the jalapeno got brought up and he tried telling me, 'They're not hot.' I put it on a fork and I let him take it from there," Carter said. "I don't know if he'll ever eat a jalapeno again."

Carter posted the video on YouTube to share with friends in 2011, but the " Good Morning America" viewer sent it this week to the "GMA" Facebook page and it was featured as co-anchor Josh Elliott's "Play of the Day" video.

"We thought it was hilarious and anyone else I ever shared it with thought it was hilarious and that he was gutsy," Carter said of her son, whom she describes as a "daredevil."

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"He's one of those kids that will try just about anything. He's not very picky about food. He loves Mexican food. He likes just about everything," she said. (Jalapenos notwithstanding).

Carter said Tateum saw himself on TV this morning before he went to school.

"He was pretty excited. He said 'I'm famous, Mom,'" she recalled. "He's pretty proud of himself."

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