Check Out Sandwich From Everything on McDonald's Doomed Dollar Menu

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McDonald's recently announced that it was doing away with its popular Dollar Menu, raising prices up to $5 per item. So, the guys over at Thrillist realized there was only one reasonable response to this change: order everything on the menu while it was still only a dollar and create a crazy sandwich out of it.

Because that's what everyone would do, right?

Writer Andy Kryza stacked the grilled onion cheddar burger, yogurt parfait, side salad, McChicken sandwich, chocolate chip cookie and cheeseburger on top of one another and somehow managed to take a bite.

"The result?" Kryza wrote. "A beautifully weird symphony of fake-tasting stuff. The salad had no flavor, but the vanilla yogurt paired oddly well with the salt from the burgers and the pepper from the McChicken. Then the chocolate/meat combo hit and it was over … this was one of the grossest combinations of grease and sugar since the Jersey Shore crew worked at an ice cream shop."

It's guys like Kryza whom we should thank for trying these things so we don't have to. Unless, of course, you still want to give it a go. Share your reactions in the comments section if you do.

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