Elephant 'Kisses' Bridesmaid on Wedding Day

VIDEO: Elephant Kisses Bridesmaid on Wedding Day

Weddings are supposed to be all about brides and the memorable first kiss. But one Australian bride found herself upstaged when a kissing elephant planted a big, wet, sloppy kiss on one of her bridesmaids.

At the destination wedding held last Sunday in Phuket, Thailand, the elephant reached over to an unidentified bridesmaid during the reception and captured her head in his mouth, giving her a not-your-everyday kiss in the process.

The three-year-old elephant was hired to entertain guests at the reception, according to Australian cinematographer Abraham Joffe, and evidently took its task very seriously.

"She was a bit shaken up," Joffe told News Corp Australia of the unsuspecting bridesmaid. ""Everyone was laughing."

The woman, from Melbourne, was reportedly not injured in the elephant "attack," but did suffer some, depending on one's perspective, serious side effects.

"She just got this horrible elephant breath in her lungs," Joffe said. "It just licked her face and breathed down her throat."

Joffe's video of the moment shows other wedding guests in the background taking their own photos and laughing while the bridesmaid cringes and does her best to get away, all while holding, and preserving, her flower bouquet.

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