Talking Porcupine 'Teddy Bear' Devours Baby Pumpkin

VIDEO: Porcupine Devours His Baby Pumpkin

If you're tired of the ghouls and ghosts of Halloween, take a minute here to watch your daily dose of adorable animal cuteness.

The Internet-famous talking porcupine known as "Teddy Bear" is back again, this time devouring the food of the season, a baby pumpkin.

Listen closely as you watch "Teddy Bear" eat the pumpkin to hear what he thinks of the holiday treat.

Teddy is a YouTube sensation made famous by Zooniversity, a Texas-based traveling wildlife education company.

The prickly critter was orphaned after birth and brought to Zooniversity in Dallas after being found abandoned in a barn. Teddy first started making noises to get the attention of its "Mommy," Allison Blankenship, Zooniversity's owner, according to Teddy's Facebook page.

"Now I'm all grown up and I'm a teacher," Teddy "writes" in his Facebook bio. "I go to schools and libraries and stuff and people learn all about porcupines by meeting me. I like the applause … and the sweet potato treats she feeds me while I work."

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