Elk Enjoys a Bounce on Family's Trampoline

VIDEO: Elk Jumps on Familys Trampoline

Greg Chase has seen elk with buckets and Christmas lights caught on their antlers and even watched two elk give birth on his Evergreen, Colo., property over the last 15 years.

He had never, however, seen an elk jump on the trampoline in the backyard of his family's home, until this past Monday morning.

"We were having coffee and I was watching the elk eating snow off of the trampoline and the next thing I knew it decided to jump in," Chase told GoodMorningAmerica.com. "It took me by surprise so I pulled out the iPad and started filming."

Chase recorded a nearly four minute video of the elk, one of nearly a dozen on Chase's property at the time, and posted it to YouTube, where it has over 200,000 views. The elk ended up on the trampoline, Chase believes, in an attempt to eat more snow.

"He knew how to get out," Chase said, referring to the enclosure that surrounds the trampoline. "It was interesting he was making a decision to stay in the thing. It looked like it was having fun."

After a few minutes, the elk eventually made his way back out through a hole in the safety net, and ran off into the distance.

"He probably ran right over into our neighbor's yard," said Chase.

According to Chase, he, his wife Shauna, and their two high school and college-aged children are used to having elk roam their multi-acre yard, sometimes as many as 200 at a time. Evergreen is a town of nearly 9,000 residents about 30 miles outside of Denver and the Chases's home sits at 7,500 feet elevation.

"They were here first and this is their domain so we just try to coexist with them," Chase said of the elk. "They're apart of our family in this community."

"You learn to respect the wildlife here but you never really expect anything that crazy to happen, especially when you have the trampoline almost completely enclosed," he said.

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