Five Drunk Guys Take Stolen Circus Llama for Epic Joyride


They say boys will be boys. And this drunken group of five friends from Bordeaux, France, certainly proved that when they had a bit too much to drink at the club, got bored, and proceeded to steal a circus llama for an all-night adventure in true "Hangover" movie-style fashion.

The stolen llama, named Serge, was taken from the circus in the early morning hours of Oct. 31, and instantly became an Internet sensation as the young men posted pictures of their new "pet" all over the streets of the French city known for their red wine.

It's safe to say the highlight of the night was taking the llama for a joyride on the tram, leaving from the nearby Bassins à Flot station. However, it didn't take long for the tram driver to notice all his passengers weren't human, so he quickly alerted the authorities who picked the rambunctious group up at the next station.

The llama thieves were arrested, though the circus director dropped his charges after noticing how much attention the heist brought to the circus.

"It's amazing," John Beautour, director of Cirque Franco-Italian, told the French newspaper, 20 Minutes. "The incident became a huge media event. They're talking about it from Australia to Poland."

People were coming from far and wide to get a glimpse of Serge, who now his own Tumblr page dedicated to photoshopped images of the animal in silly situations all over the world.

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