Texas Mom Gets Surprise 'Instaglam' Makeover on 'GMA'

VIDEO: The "GMA" glam squad surprised Lauren Miller, 32, with a dream makeover.

When "Good Morning America" launched its Instaglam makeover project seeking someone in need of a makeover, Lauren Miller's entry stood out.

The Gunter, Texas, stay-at-home mom, 32, said she was in dire need of a transformation after going through what she called the hardest year of her life.

"I feel like I've aged 10 years in the past two," she said in her submission to the project. "It's exhausting!"

Her husband, Josh, 38, had a heart attack last November.

"I watched myself flat line at two in the morning," he said.

Josh needed triple-bypass surgery and Lauren spent months traveling back and forth - first to Baylor University's Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital, and then to a rehabilitation center - to be with him.

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She did it all while caring for their 1-year-old daughter, Matilda, and when Josh came home, Lauren became a round-the-clock caregiver to him.

"I was there relearning to walk, to - you know, take a shower on my own … So my wife was taking care of me, taking care of our daughter, had no time for herself," Josh said.

The emotional rollercoaster took its toll on Lauren. She lost 60 pounds, and even though she once loved to shop she didn't have time to look at new clothing.

"Usually, I see her in jeans or sweatshirts," Lauren's friend, Jessica Seay, said. "She is still wearing clothes that are probably a few sizes way too big for her."

But now, with Josh back on his feet and their daughter thriving, loved ones say it's Lauren's turn.

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"I think my wife deserves a little recognition, little pampering," Josh said.

Seay agrees, saying her friend deserves it.

"She just gives everything of herself to her friends and family," said Seay. "I think if Lauren had a new haircut, some cuter clothes, I think it would definitely make her feel good about herself."

And that's exactly what the "Good Morning America" glam squad set out to do this morning, surprising Lauren live at her doorstep to give her the ultimate head-to-toe makeover.

Completely shocked and taken aback as she opened the door in her pajamas, Lauren was thrilled for the opportunity.

In only about an hour, the makeover was underway, transforming the deserving mother in her living room, giving her a sporty new celebrity-inspired pixie cut, just like Jennifer Lawrence and Ginnifer Goodwin.

"Don't be afraid of taking it a little shorter," glam squad stylist, Gregg, explained of the easy-to-manage haircut. "It's still really sexy. And for rushing in the morning, they can get their hair done a little quicker."

With the time ticking to give Lauren an all new look in about an hour, the makeover crew did a marvelous job just in time for Lauren to unveil her beautiful, new and improved self to her husband and daughter.

As she emerged from the house in her stunning red dress, sporting her new short hairstyle and a sexy smoky eye, Lauren had yet to see her complete transformation, but could tell by the looks on Josh and Matilda's faces, she was in for a treat.

"This is awesome," Lauren said while walking cautiously in her new high heels.

After she looked at herself in the mirror, she was stunned, explaining, "This is amazing. It's such a good feeling just to have someone do my hair and makeup, and me sit and not have to do anything."

All of Lauren's closest family, friends and neighbors were there to greet her on the family's front lawn for the big reveal, gasping in amazement and happiness for the surprised Lauren.

"This is such a gift," she said, smiling from ear to ear.

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