Twitter Tiffs: Couple Chronicles Spats on Social Media

VIDEO: Claire Meyer and Alan Linic share their personal quarrels with the whole world.

Every couple knows the smallest thing can turn into a big fight.

But Claire Meyer and Alan Linic of Chicago took their fights to another level by capturing their personal quarrels on the joint Twitter account they created, @WeFoughtAbout, for the whole world to see.

"We had a fight and Claire said, 'If we posted this, no one would believe that this was a real fight,'" Linic told ABC News.

The two improv actors in their 20s have been dating for eight months, documenting every squabble and spat since August, gathering followers for either "Team Claire" or "Team Alan."

One recent post, "Alan got jealous of a pear," prompted one follower to say, "Alan is right! Alan is always right." And another, "Alan suggested that his gal-pal replace me at an event I couldn't make," left one follower asking, "Has Alan recovered from his temporary bout of insanity?"

"It's a wonderful way to resolve problems by writing down what you feel," New York relationship coach Donna Barnes explained.

But if they "read too much into what their followers have to say, it might cause additional problems," she added.

They never post mid-fight, but rather, "Always after we have cooled down," Linic said, adding, "That can be 20 minutes or that can be three days."

And the dynamic duo has amassed quite a following. More than 16,000 people follow the couple's tweeted tiffs covering everything from "Claire left me in a restaurant," to "I thought Alan was buying bread for another woman."

Meyer says this helps their relationship because "after every fight we come together as a team, which is great because you feel like you're against each other in a fight, and we have to come together as Alan and Claire to do something."

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