Utah Couple Drops Pregnancy Announcement in Rap Video

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Although it was no literal "bun in the oven," a Utah couple has make a splash with their pregnancy announcement by delivering the news in a two-minute-long rap video.

Jalene and Lincoln Taylor of Salt Lake City put together the video with the help of a friend and wrote the lyrics themselves, according to ABC News affiliate WHAS-11.

The video features the couple, renamed "Jalincoln," rapping that they have "too much swag for just two of us," and that they're overjoyed about a "bun in the oven."

They said they had difficulty conceiving and wanted to celebrate their news in a fun and different way.

"I am a photographer here in Utah and I see a lot of cheesy pregnancy announcements," Jalene Taylor told KSL-TV. "That never felt like me."

While the video was simply intended as a fun way to reveal the news to family and friends, it quickly went viral. More than 175,000 people had viewed the video by Sunday.

The couple's baby is due in May.

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