Friends Pull Festive Prank On Roommate Who Hates Christmas

Friends in Dublin, Ireland turn roommates bedroom into a Christmas wonderland.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, all these roommates were stirring, giving their friend's bedroom a nice holiday douse.

The wrapping paper was hung from floor to ceiling with care, in hopes that Scott Dowd, who had been out of town visiting family, would soon be there.

The pranksters - Gearóid Markey, Seán Feeney, Martin Feeney and Karl Jebb, from Dublin, Ireland - transformed Dowd's entire room into a Christmas wonderland, knowing his surprised reaction would be quite grand.

Bedroom Tilted 90 Degrees in Epic Prank

Every inch was plastered with festive fanfare, using $40 worth of wrapping paper to cover the walls, Dowd's bed and even his favorite hat with holiday cheer.

"Scott one day let it slip that he hates Christmas," David Hollywood, one of their friends who posted the hilarious photos to Reddit, wrote to "When he went back home for the weekend, they decided to put him in the Christmas spirit."

Roommates Turn Friend's Room Pink in Viral Prank

And it appears all the boys' hard work paid off.

"Happy Christmas!," they yelled as Dowd opened his bedroom door, completely shocked at the holiday transformation.

"It took a few hours to complete but was worth it in the end," Hollywood explained, adding, "I think he might lock his bedroom before he leaves for the weekend from now on."

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