Lost Wallet Returned to First Grader With Personal Note From Santa

Courtesy Eric Arnold

When one little first grader lost his wallet earlier this week in the Walmart parking lot in Warner Robins, Ga., he probably never expected to see his black leather Minnesota Twins money holder ever again.

But fortunately for the young boy, 'tis the season of magical Christmas cheer when Santa Claus keeps his eyes on children far and near. Or at least that's what Eric Arnold, from neighboring Macon, would like the boy to believe.

"My wife, myself and my kids were leaving Walmart and we just happened to see a wallet laying on the ground," Arnold, 38, told GoodMorningAmerica.com. "I picked it up and was going to bring it inside to return, but when I looked inside the wallet, there was nothing but a handwritten piece of paper that had the kid's name and home address, his elementary school and that he was in first grade."

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When he realized he had stumbled upon a child's prized possession, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Arnold brought the wallet home, carefully packaging it up along with a personalized letter designed to look like it was written by the jolly big man himself.

"Merry Christmas!," the note began, typed on official "From The Desk of Santa" letterhead. "I can't believe another year has gone by so quickly and it's almost time to visit you in [xxx] again. The elves have been very busy this year and I'll be bringing you something very special they created just for you. I'm sure you'll like it!"

As the letter continues, Santa Claus asks the boy to please leave snacks for him and the reindeer on Christmas Eve because they "get hungry flying to visit so many kids."

The thoughtful message concludes with a simple, "P.S. - While I was making sure you and other girls and boys were being good at Walmart, I found your wallet and thought you would like it back."

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Arnold mailed the magical package on Dec. 2, making sure to include a North Pole return address "just in case his family doesn't celebrate," so his parents "could intercept the letter" before getting to the boy.

Although he has no way of knowing if the lucky first grader has received his wallet yet, Arnold says he was "just spreading the Christmas cheer and showing that 'Hey, Santas are out there everywhere."

More than anything, Arnold says he hopes people take the time this season to "do a random act of kindness and see what comes back to you."

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