Son Tells Dad 'I Liked You Better Deaf' in Hilarious Video

Danny Hamiltons heartwarming ode to his father is titled, "I Liked You Better Deaf."

If it sounds mean, it's not. When Danny Hamilton tells his dad in this YouTube video that he liked him better deaf, it's actually quite heartwarming.

Hamilton composed the music and wrote the song for his dad, who has been "hard of hearing for about as long as I can remember." His dad recently got hearing aids. Hamilton "wrote him a little song for Christmas to celebrate his newfound sense," but it turns out having a dad with "supersonic" hearing isn't all that great.

At the end of the video, Hamilton's dad says the song will be an "Internet sensation." Hearing aids or not, dad always knows best: The YouTube video has nearly 900,000 views since being posted two days ago.

Here's a verse from the hilarious song:

It used to be if I'd run out of anything to say I could just mumble and you'd usually go away It used to be what I was bringing to the conversation Was subject to a wider range of your interpretation But now I see That I must be Living in a nightmare, why it's every son's worst fear To have a dad forever clad with supersonic ears And I don't mean to tell you that I love you any less But there's no doubt about it that I liked you better deaf

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