Waiting to Use Bathroom, Awaking Early Top List of Holiday Travel Anxieties

'Tis the season to visit friends and family, and feel uncomfortable in someone else's home for the duration of your trip.

Wouldn't you just rather stay in a hotel? Of course! And if money weren't an issue, the majority of people would do so, according to a new survey from Choice Hotels, a group that has a vested interest in people's staying in hotels.

The unscientific survey of more than 1,200 travelers does highlight the pitfalls of bunking up with loved ones. The No. 1 anxiety of doing so is being awoken too early, followed by having to wait in line to use the bathroom. More than 10 percent of respondents listed each of the following as anxieties:

• Accidentally seeing a relative naked; • Eating a meal from a "not so great" cook; • Participating in uncomfortable family traditions (wearing ugly sweaters, etc.); • Kids getting into the gifts before they're supposed to; • Getting stuck in long conversations with "odd" relatives; • Having to sleep on an air-mattress or on the floor; • Having to share a room with a sibling or a relative; • Getting into an argument with a relative.

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