David Beckham's Briefs Offered Via TV Remote During Super Bowl

VIDEO: A revolutionary Super Bowl commercial will allow you to order underwear with your remote.

A revolutionary Super Bowl commercial will allow you to order underwear, modeled by David Beckham, with your remote.

In the first Super Bowl ad of its kind, viewers watching on a Samsung Smart TV will see the H&M ad featuring buffed and barely clothed Beckham modeling the retail company's underwear line-then, the magic happens. A menu will pop up on the side of the screen during the commercial that allows you to instantly shop with your remote.

"If we're successful in what we're trying to do, you'll be able to buy anything against any commercial, any show, any infomercial you watch in real time directly, while you're watching the actual ad or the show itself," Michael Fitzsimmons, Delivery Agent CEO, told ABC News.

This modern day TV-watching was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 5 along with other techy tubes such as a "bendable" TV, curved TV's and even higher than high-def TV's.

"If we're dreaming and we can do a bendable TV, why can't we do a roll-up TV?," Samsung's executive vice president, Joe Stinziano, suggested.

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