How Many Beauty Secrets Are You Hiding?

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You are hiding an average of eight beauty secrets from your significant other, according to an unscientific survey of 2,000 people by beauty product website They range from "removing hard skin from your feet" to "wearing chicken fillets" inside your bra for a night on the town.

Also many women would prefer their partner not know they cut their toenails. Or cleanse and moisturize their skin. So how exactly does he think the makeup comes off?

So why all the secrecy? More than 35 percent of the women surveyed think their partner would be turned off by seeing what exactly goes into looking good.

And that fear is certainly warranted, considering the No. 1 beauty secret women hide: plucking or shaving hair from their toes.

Think the longer you're together, the more of these beauty secrets will come out? Maybe. Twenty percent of women said it doesn't matter how comfortable they get with a partner. They will never ever let him know how much effort goes into looking good.


1. Pluck / shave hair from toes 2. Pluck / wax hairs from chin / face 3. Pluck the odd hair from the body 4. Wax or dye moustache 5. Remove hard skin from feet 6. Wear body slimming underwear 7. Pluck eyebrows 8. Wax / shave bikini line 9. Pluck hairs from nose 10. Cleanse, tone and moisturize 11. Cut toenails 12. Teeth whitening 13. Use anti-aging creams 14. Put toothpaste on spots 15. Apply a face pack 16. Wax / shave under-arms and legs 17. Wear chicken fillets 18. Exfoliate daily 19. Eyelash and eyebrow tint 20. Use anti-cellulite cream

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