Twin Polar Bear Babies Affectionately Snuggle Up to Their Cuddly Mom

VIDEO: Polar Bear Cubs Snuggle With Their Mom

It's physically impossible not to grit your teeth and squeal with delight as you watch this mesmerizingly adorable video of twin polar bear babies sweetly snuggling up to their mother.

The twin cubs, born Dec. 9 at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo, were caught on camera taking the most precious nap with their mom, Giovanna, as she warmly embraces them with her huge, fuzzy white paw outreached over their tiny bodies.

The babies must have been having some equally adorable dreams causing one of them to twitch and stretch his or her (the twins' sex has yet to be announced) precious little paw around in his sleep.

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The other twin eventually wriggles out from under his mom's outstretched arm enough to expose double the amount of adorableness of their little faces on camera at once.

The zoo has been capturing the polar bears' rapid growth on camera and says this is the first time the babies have attempted to blink or open their eyes.

The video has amassed more than 14,000 views since it was originally uploaded Jan. 13.

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