Watch: Toddler Goes Crazy for Snow

VIDEO: Toddler Goes Crazy for Snow

While the sight of snow may send adults - wary of commutes, shoveling and an inevitable icy mess - back into their beds, it still holds magical powers for children.

Spencer Craddock, 3, of Stokesdale, N.C., got so excited by the sight of just light flurries outside his home's window Wednesday night that he lost control.

"Snow!! It's snowing!" Spencer screams in a video captured by his mom, Ashley Craddock. "Let's go get our clothes on!"

"I knew we weren't going to get much snow but I saw a friend posted on Facebook that it had started so I flipped on the light and said, 'Spencer, guess what it's doing outside,'" Craddock told "He ran to the window and went nuts."

Spencer's excited response was a far cry from just a few weeks ago when the Stokesdale area was hit by a snow storm and Spencer would not leave the house.

"He didn't want to go outside in it," Craddock said.

What changed Spencer's mind in just a few short weeks?

"I think watching 'The Polar Express' and seeing the snow at the North Pole while they're at the train made him like it," his mom explained. "He still asks me when Santa is coming back."

Even though it was close to bedtime, 8 p.m., when the snow started falling on Wednesday, Spencer was allowed to go outside and play in it, much to his delight.

"It was sticking to the ground so he made little bitty snow balls," Craddock said. "And he made a tiny snowman, but it melted."

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