Boyfriend Ups the Ante with Sky-High Prom Invite (On a Billboard!)

VIDEO: Chase Brown used a billboard to ask his girlfriend to the prom.

Kids these days.

It would appear the notion of simply asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to the prom while sitting in the bleachers after a good, old sweaty soccer practice is long gone.

Chase Brown, 17, of Evansville, Ind., has certainly upped the ante for all his fellow high school buddies anxiously waiting to pop the ever-important prom question. That's because Chase, being the little lady killer he is, rented an entire electronic billboard on the busiest intersection in town to ensure that his girlfriend of six months, Emily Arabia, would not only see it, but would agree to be his main squeeze on the dance floor.

"I was completely in shock," Emily, also 17, told of the larger-than-life inquiry on Feb. 22.

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Not only was she thrilled with her boyfriend's efforts, she was proud of him for choosing a flattering photo, because, after all, it was on display for the entire town.

"To be honest, the very first thing I thought was, 'I'm very happy he used that picture of me because it could have been a lot worse,'" Emily recalled. "I couldn't even think at first. I'm very grateful. I never thought he'd be that thoughtful about it."

Chase had the billboard stunt planned out well in advance, and even arranged for a second surprise the following day.

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After tricking Emily the first time by telling her he was taking her out to breakfast, but instead revealing his sky-high intentions, he tricked her once again the following day by telling her this time, he actually was going to treat her to a meal.


"It was a double surprise," said Emily. "Saturday was the first surprise and then Sunday it was a joke that he'd actually take me to breakfast, and then it was another surprise because he had the sign changed to show that I said 'Yes.'"

It's safe to say Emily has a keeper on her hands with this young Romeo. The two little lovebirds can't wait to dance the night away at their prom on April 26.

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