Could This Groomsman Be Any Sadder?

Bridget Rochelle Photography

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and it was for one bride but not so much for the groomsman left standing alone behind her.

Macon Barham, 24, of Lynchburg, Va., became the odd man out in the wedding party of college friends Danielle and Steven Turner when one of Danielle's bridesmaids dropped out of the wedding in order to photograph the wedding at no charge.

"I didn't want to pass that up but it was late notice and I didn't want to ask just anyone to be a bridesmaid," Turner, 25, told

The result was a mismatch of six groomsmen and only five bridesmaids, which then resulted in some hilarious wedding photos, courtesy of Barham.

The un-paired groomsman, whom Turner described as "silly 100 percent of the time," stole the spotlight by posing with pouts and frowns in the group photos, in which everyone else was paired off.

"I originally put him in a group of three with another groomsman and bridesmaid and then had to move him because it was off-balanced and then he started pouting and making faces," said the photographer, and phantom bridesmaid, Bridget James, owner of the Buffalo-based Bridget Rochelle Photography.

The wedding took place on July 7, 2012, in Dexter, N.Y., at the bride's uncle's lake house, but the photos of Barham went viral this week after he posted them on Reddit, captioned "Forever Alone Wedding Edition."

"I decided to have fun with the first picture and Bridget thought it was funny and took a few more with similar poses," Barham told "It was a bit of a running joke but thankfully I wasn't alone the entirety of the wedding because my wife made the trip up with me so I was just alone through everything with the wedding party."

Luckily for , the newlyweds, whom he met at Liberty University in Virginia, share his sense of humor and, even though they had no idea what he was doing behind them on their big day, got a good laugh once they saw the photos.

"We just thought it was hilarious," said Turner, who now lives in Seattle. "We have the photo he shared hanging in our living room."

James, the photographer, says the really funny thing about it all is that it is not a different set of photos from the Turner's wedding day in the spotlight. James says the really outrageous photo shoot came right after the reception, when the Turners waded into Lake Ontario, in their wedding attire.

"Danielle was like, 'I'm not ever going to wear this dress again so let's go into the water and take some cool pictures,'" James said. "That's what I thought would get attention."

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