Designer Lets Women 'Borrow' Bridal Gowns Before Buying

Popular TV shows such as "Say Yes to the Dress" depict the touching moment when a bride-to-be finds her perfect wedding gown. offers a new service that promises to revolutionize the wedding dress search by allowing women to find their perfect dresses without ever having to leave their homes.

Kirstie Kelly, the California bridal couture designer whose creations are showcased on the website, explained the appeal of the service: "The bride today is very different from the bride ten years ago. She wants to shop on her own time. She's been buying everything online her whole life. To gather all of her girlfriends and actually physically go somewhere with eight or ten people, that's a chore."

The service, dubbed "Borrow Me," is simple. For $35 per dress, a bridal shopper can borrow as many dresses as she would like for 48 hours.

The shopper also gets Skype, FaceTime or phone consultation with a bridal stylist to get feedback about the gown.

"You lose the nervousness that you might have when you're out in an environment with lots of other brides around. You try it on with your girlfriends," Kelly said.

Bride-to-be Margy Gunmar, 22, of Redondo Baeach, Calif., fitted her "borrowed" selections with family and friends all in the comfort of her living room.

"It's really great to have everyone here," she said. "We turned it into an event. It's a lot more comfortable and intimate."

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