Grandparents Build Luxurious Igloo in Snow Fort Build-Off

Illinois grandparents turned nearly six feet of snow into a snow fort, complete with fireplace.

When the going gets tough in these snow and ice-filled days of a long, hard winter, the tough build not just an igloo but perhaps the most luxurious igloo you'll ever see.

That's the winter survival philosophy of Illinois residents Wayne and Deb Larson, who spent eight hours turning a nearly six-foot snow drift into an igloo, complete with a door flap, fireplace, chimney and sunroof.

"Some people say we should add a hot tub," Deb Larson told local ABC affiliate WQAD.

Wayne Larson, who could not be reached today by, began building the igloo around 8:30 p.m. Friday after he and his wife heard from their 11-year-old grandson in Pawnee, Ill., that they were being challenged to a snow fort build-off.

Larson dug until early Saturday morning and then woke up again for another six hours of digging to finish it off, he told WQAD.

The result is what the Larsons have affectionately dubbed their "Country Igloo."

A video of the igloo, posted on YouTube and featuring the Larsons cozying up by the fire, has generated nearly 1,000 views since Monday.

"It's really kind of cozy out of the wind," Wayne Larson says in the video. "Did we win?"

According to a description on the video, the Larson's grandson, Gabe, said his grandparents won the snow fort build-off, "this time."

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