Principal Announces School Closure With Pizzazz

VIDEO: Principal Rewords Fight Song for School Closing Announcement

With this year's winter weather walloping the nation, school systems across the board have taken a significant toll.

"Today is our 11th snow day," Kevin Creutz, principal of Central Lutheran School in New Haven, Ind., told"We've only been in school 13 days since Christmas."

That means Creutz has not once, not twice, but 11 different times had to alert his probably very happy snow-bound students they should remain home.

But why not lift those students' spirits even further?

Sure, it's fun to stay home with a warm cup of hot cocoa, building an enormous snowman and retreating back to the cozy fire, but it's even more fun when your principal gives it the official go-ahead with a totally school-spirited, spiced-up version of your typical snow closing announcement.

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In 10 minutes flat, Creutz re-worked the lyrics to Central Lutheran's fight song, making a snow-friendly version sure to put smiles on all his students' faces.

"Listen to me tonight," he begins the song. "This call is for students' delight. Blowing, drifting snow so high, look at the snow that fell from the sky."

He continues singing, "Whether delay or whether we close, East Allen is the one who knows, no school Thursday is our tune as we march to school in June."

The recording was sent out to each family, who were certainly impressed with the principal's creativity.

"I actually heard it first and laughed the whole time listening to it - so [the kids] came running," said Carrie Bradtmueller, whose three sons attend the school. "The boys thought it was so cool their principal did something different. A lot of smiles and laughs about it afterwards."

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Creutz isn't the first principal to have a little fun with their school closing announcements this week, however. James Detwiler, of Burlington, Ky., jazzed up his announcement by setting it to the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." And Tim Reves, from Olathe, Kan., alerted his students with a parody of Ylvis' "The Fox."

"There were quite a few parents challenging me in a fun way to do something creative," Creutz explained. "So I accepted the challenge and sent out that phone call last night."

He's not sure if Central Lutheran will be cancelled for snow again tomorrow, but if it is, Creutz says it might be hard to up the announcement ante yet again.

"I set the bar pretty high so it would be a challenge to come up with something," he said, adding however that no matter what happens, "We always try to have a good time. We try to keep things light and fun at our school so our students and parents enjoy being part of Central."

So far, it seems that mission has been accomplished.

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