11-Year-Old Gets Big News and His Reaction Is Wonderful

VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Finds Out Big News

When this 11-year-old boy got off the school bus yesterday, he had no idea what was in store for him.

"He thought he was in trouble," Josh Fairbanks, of Hartford, Mich., told GoodMorningAmerica.com of his son, Logan.

But Logan definitely wasn't in trouble. Rather, he was about to receive some big news, and his reaction couldn't have been more wonderful.

"This year I will get to do many great things," the unsuspecting boy reads aloud in the video his father, a photographer, captured of the surprise sentimental moment.

Logan continues reading, listing off all the exciting things he has coming up this year such as going to a Detroit Tigers game, heading to Michigan Adventure amusement park and taking a vacation in Myrtle Beach, but nothing could have prepared him for the last item on the list.

"I'm going to be a big brother," he says on camera before stopping in his tracks, raising his head and looking straight into the lens.

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As Logan's eyes widen in shock, he darts his attention to the left towards his mom standing off-camera, looking for validation that what he just read on the paper was indeed true.

"What? What?," he repeats several times to both his parents before hopping up to give his mom a huge hug.

"He was hugging and kind of sobbing as he was holding her for a good 90 seconds," Fairbanks, 29, explained of his son's elated reaction. "He's still pretty floored."

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But Logan wasn't the only one who was particularly touched by the good news.

"We had him when we graduated in June 2003," Fairbanks said of Logan's birth, a surprise pregnancy for the couple who had just gotten out of high school.

This time around, however, the family is not only better prepared for their new bundle of joy, they're ecstatic.

"We're pretty stoked," said Fairbanks.

"Being a 17-year-old kid and finding out you're pregnant was a lot more numbing, and now we're just getting to really enjoy all these emotions. It's such a wonderful feeling."

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