NJ Woman Gives Birth at Nail Salon

A New Jersey woman who was following the guiding light of expectant moms to get everything done before the new baby comes delivered her baby just as she was crossing two items off her to-do list - a manicure and pedicure.

Anna Rubinstein, of Emerson, N.J., was just about to finish off her treatment with a foot massage at the Eden Nails salon on March 26 when her water broke.

Rubinstein, who could not be reached for comment today, thought she had time to make it to the hospital on her own because she had a long labor with her first child, daughter Danica.

"When my daughter was born, I was in labor for 42 hours so I thought I had some time, 10-12 hours," Rubinstein told New Jersey's News12.

Rubinstein's second child, however, decided there was no time to wait - forcing a nurse who was also getting her nails done at the salon to swoop in to help.

"She laid the woman down in the bathroom, and everyone was very nervous," Eden Nails' Nancy Wang told The Record.

Rubinstein gave birth to a healthy son, Damien, on the salon's bathroom floor. Her husband, Sergei Rubinstein, arrived just before his son was born.

"I was there for him, not just cutting the cord, but for the whole thing," Sergei Rubinstein told News12.

An ambulance arrived shortly after to take care of mom and baby.

Calls placed to Eden Nails were not answered.

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