Watch Little Boy's Adorable Reaction to March Madness

VIDEO: YouTube video shows little Wesley enjoying his first NCAA basketball game with his dad.

While most college basketball viewers are desperately clinging to what remains of their March Madness bracket, one fan is still really enjoying the shockingly unpredictable NCAA tournament.

Not surprisingly, the fan, Wesley, just happens to be a one-year-old who has no betting interest - or a bracket to worry about.

Wesley was captured on camera watching his first March Madness game alongside his father Dustin Sandoval.

In the video, posted to YouTube by his dad, Wesley can be seen waiting in anticipation while a player makes a shot and then cheering and clapping when the ball, presumably, swishes into the basket.

Wesley, wearing a t-shirt that reads "Be Awesome Today," exclaims a series of "Oh's" and "Oh yeahs," as he watches the game - all while simultaneously watching his dad to gauge what his own reaction should be.

"Safe to say, he's a fan," Sandoval wrote on YouTube of his son.

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