What's With the Constant Display of Love on the Las Vegas Strip?

(Image Credit: Erik Kabik/The Cosmopolitan/AP Photo

Las Vegas, known for taking marriage to a whole other level with drive-through chapels, is now flashing red hot love notes to the masses on the strip.

The Cosmopolitan plans to begin broadcasting the love notes - which are the brainchild of British artist Tracey Emin - every hour for three minutes, the Associated Press reported.

Several indoor and outdoor marquees at the Cosmopolitan will go black during the installation and will then be followed by an invisible hand writing phrases, such as, "I promise to love you."

"The gentle electric pulsing of the text gradually builds into a searing, potent red, leaving the viewer in no doubt about the power of love," the hotel's website says.

Emin said she was thrilled to bring her message to the strip.

"It's not about selling things," she told the AP. "It's about love."

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