Kids' Perplexed Reactions to Walkmans Will Make You Feel Old

VIDEO: Walkman Perplexes Children

Kids these days.

Now too preoccupied with their iPod's thousands of shuffling song options at their fingertips, teens today don't even realize the joy of the cassette tape - equipped with the frustrations of manually fast-forwarding and rewinding to find the one song you wish to hear (to no avail) - they missed out on of years past.

In the latest installment of a hilarious segment produced by The Fine Brothers for their YouTube channel where they take obsolete consumer items and present them to children, the kids are presented with a Walkman, to which their priceless reactions, besides being adorable, will also make you feel extremely old.

"I have no idea what it is," followed by "What is this?" and "What do I do? Press play?," are just a few of the kids' perplexed reactions to the technology time capsule, of sorts, as they poke and prod at the large, outdated music machine made of bulky, black plastic.

The children, ranging in ages 6 to 13, have no idea what the Walkman is, let alone what it's used for, and begin making hysterical guesses as to what it does.

"Walkie Talkie?," one little boy inquires.

"Music-a boom box," another little girl comes close, but sadly, no cigar.

And then finally one youngster gets it right, restoring some faith in humanity.

"Wait… wait… wait… It's a cassette player, right?," she asks.

When explained to the others that the Walkman is a device that plays music, one particularly energetic little boy just doesn't believe it.

"What are you talking about?," he says while further inspecting the machine. "You've got to be kidding me."

Yes, children of a younger generation-behold, the Walkman.

"I feel so judged right now," one girl comments.

Their reactions, although a bit discouraging to the older folks watching, are on par with the Fine Brothers' other viral hit they released highlighting kids' responses to a rotary telephone, which has nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

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