Little Girl’s Heartwarming Reaction to Baby News: ‘I Can’t Thank You Enough’

Apr 29, 2014 6:07pm

These two children from Denver got one huge surprise from the Easter bunny this year.

“This is going to be what you always wanted,” their father, Jacob Ouellette, told his sweet children, Ethan, 3, and Faithlyn, 6, in a YouTube video announcing his wife’s pregnancy.

As the children anxiously cracked open their Easter eggs, the very last one from their baskets, they weren’t exactly sure what the ultrasound photos found inside were supposed to mean.

“What is that a picture of?,” mom, Hannah, asked, trying to coax the kids along.

“I can’t tell,” little Faithlyn replied.

Unable to hold in the good news any longer, Ouellette continues, “We have something to tell you. Mommy’s going to have another baby.”

Without missing a beat, Faithlyn’s eyes light up and her jaw hits the floor.

“You’re having a baby in your tummy right now?,” she innocently asks.

But before her mom can even answer the question, the little girl begins squealing in delight, immediately hopping up to throw her arms around her mommy’s neck as she uncontrollably screams and giggles.

“Are you happy?,” Oullette asks. “You’re going to have another brother or sister. Another one!”

“Oh my God, I can’t thank you enough,” Faithlyn answers, perfectly capturing the pure joy of the moment.

Ever since the children found out they’re having a new little brother or sister, they’ve been sharing the news with everyone they know.

“They’re so excited about it,” Ouellette, 34, told “Everywhere we go, they’re talking about it all the time.”

And as for his daughter’s priceless reaction to the heartwarming news, “She’s just a really expressive girl,” he added. “The way she has the biggest smile on her face, almost with tears in her eyes, she’s just such a happy, happy girl.”

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