Love Story Wedding Cake Could Spell Bliss or Divorce

What story do you see in the cake? (Photo Credit: Paul Merry)

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Not sure? Well, what do you see in the above cake? After someone posted a photo of the one-of-a-kind creation to Reddit, though, people were confused. Depending on how you look at the cake, it could tell a beautiful story of love - or one of depressing divorce.

MonocleCats, the Reddit user who posted the photo, read the story bottom up, using the title, "This Cake Made Me Tear Up A Little."

The post immediately spawned hundreds of comments from people who read the cake top down.

"I read it backwards, thought they got married then broke up and started walking dogs," Reddit user did_you_read_it commented in response.

Creator Claire Anderson said, "People have read the cake the wrong way. It's up to them the frame of mind they're in. "But a wedding cake is always finished with a bride and groom topper on the top. I've loved reading everybody's comments, though. There have been some absolutely hilarious ones."

Anderson, founder of Clairella Cakes in Essex, England, entered her provocative dessert in London's Cake International Competition last week and ended up taking home first place.

"I came up with the idea off the dance group Attraction, who won 'Britain's Got Talent' a year ago," Anderson said. "They're a shadow dance group. They basically tell a story in shadow dance, and it's all colorful backdrops with silhouettes and they literally make you cry watching their act. They're amazing. It was so thought-provoking and powerful that I thought it would make a brilliant wedding cake."

Turns out she was right, as the cake has now been viewed more than 28 million times and counting.

"I'm inundated with inquiries," Anderson said. "Yesterday it was 700, and I worked my way through them and finally got them clear. It's fabulous and crazy."

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