'Shapewear' for Eyes? Product Promises to Reduce Under-Eye Bags

A new product promises to reduce dreaded under-eye puffiness without surgery or injections.

The product Neotensil is a film that users apply under their eyes themselves. Within three hours, circles and puffiness are gone, according to the product's website.

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To apply it, users first need to remove all makeup from under the eyes, and then put two layers of product under each eye: the first is a base, and the second activates the product. Together, they form an invisible, elastic-like membrane over under-eye bags.

Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, started offering Neotensil to her patients this week.

"It's the best thing I've seen," she said in an interview with ABC News' "Good Morning America." "It's kind of a way of holding you up in an invisible way. It helps the under-eye bag, but also if you have wrinkles in that area, the skin overall looks smoother."

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The Neotensil website calls the treatment the first ever "invisible shapewear film."

Neotensil is a temporary fix that lasts about a day, and a seven-week supply costs about $500. Day said the product won't change the under-eye skin color and has no harmful after-effects.

"It's important to be healthy overall, but it's nice to have a treatment that can help you look better every day, for that special event, or for when you just want it," Day said.

Users are cautioned to not use their own makeup over the product, but the maker of Neotensil says it offers a choice of powders that may be used with the product.

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