Tiny Snowboarding Superstar is Only 18-Months-Old

VIDEO: Tiny Snowboarding Superstar is Only 18-Months Old

She may only be 18-months-old, but she's already shredding some serious snow.

Little Aspen Haight, of Breckenridge, Colo., has been on the slopes snowboarding ever since she was barely able to walk.

Her parents, Jill and Dominic Haight, both 34, started her early on the board as they're both competitive snowboarders and believe it's just in her blood to love the outdoors.

"As soon as she could stand on her own and walk a few steps we had her on the board in the house without any bindings," Aspen's mom, Jill Haight, told GoodMorningAmerica.com of her daughter's incredible ability. "We pulled her around the house and she already had that balance down and sliding sideways."

The family took the practice in baby steps, working on her balance around the house when Aspen was 10-months-old, but the tiny tot was out there in the real snow by the time she was only 14-months-old.

"We live in a ski town, so it's just natural to get them out early," Jill explained. "Most people put their toddlers on skis, but we're both snowboarders so we just went ahead and got her a board."

The youngster is a bit of a local celebrity, understandably turning the heads of all the full-grown snow bunnies racing down the slopes next to her pint-sized self.

"They are just fascinated with this little bitty person that's on a snowboard," Jill said of her daughter's onlookers. "It just kind of happened. She learned to walk really early, and we noticed she has good balance when she's doing anything. We snowboard and we introduced her to it and she took to it."

Both of Aspen's parents understand, for now, it's just a hobby, and are leaving her future in the world of professional snowboarding in her own hands.

"I don't want to force her into anything, but she loves to be out in the snow," said Jill. "She likes it, and we'll stick with it until she tells me otherwise. She's definitely got the potential and her dad and I are both super sporty people.

"If that's something she wants to do," her mom added, "then I'll definitely support her to get her out there. And if she doesn't want to, that's fine too."

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