Adorable Kid Nails His Preschool Graduation Speech

VIDEO: Preschooler Graduate Has Big Goals

One adorable preschooler is setting some pretty lofty goals for himself.

Forget being a doctor, lawyer or even president of the United States. Jathan Mujar, 4, has his eyes set on bigger and better things-the Batcave.

"My name is Jathan Mujar and I want to be Batman," the pint-sized boy announced at his preschool graduation in Bakersfield, California, last night.

Jathan's mother, a fourth-grade teacher, and his father, a water engineer, say they had no idea what he was going to say as he approached the microphone, but their clever son certainly did get a roaring response from the crowd.

This go-getter barely received his diploma before letting the world know he's ready to conquer Gotham City.

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